About us

About us

Nedina.com is Qatar's home-grown marketplace. It is a technology-driven online e-commerce platform managed by professionals with decades of e-commerce experience.

Nedina.com is the online marketplace of Nedina LLC and 100% Qatari company.Nedina endeavours to bring all the well-known brands across many consumer categories to customers in Qatar.

Nedina brings a novel way to shop in Qatar, right from the comfort of your home or office. In January 2019, we launched the “Shopping Mall on a Smartphone” concept and brought thousands of products to consumers in Qatar to their fingertips. We are working round the clock to make your shopping experience safe, hassle-free, and memorable.  

Who’s Nedina?

Nedina.com is the online marketplace of Nedina LLC. The shopping platform is the brainchild of a team of highly experienced e-commerce and marketing professionals based in Doha, Qatar. Nedina endeavours to bring all the well-known brands across many consumer categories to customers in Qatar.

What’s Nedina?

We are Qatar’s fastest growing online platform.

When did Nedina begin?

Nedina has been operational 20th January 2019 launching from April 2020.

Is Nedina available for smartphones?

You can shop on Nedina.com from your web browser or download Nedina App from both IOS and Andrioid.

Why should I use Nedina?

The 21st-century customer likes to shop on the go, and not everyone has the time to physically go into the stores to buy what they want. This is where Nedina comes in; we bring products of a wide range from all the well-known brands right to your fingertips. Given the massive potential for e-commerce in Qatar, we intend to fill this gap in the market and hopefully trigger an e-commerce revolution in the country, which will complement the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Nedina.com is unique, as it is Qatar’s first Online Shopping Mall; we accept payment in Cash or through Credit and Debit Cards for all purchases. All the products listed on our platform are competitively priced to match in-store prices or even offer better prices than them.

Nedina.com is offering the following product categories for our customers:


We are continuously working to bring more product categories, ranges, and brands to our platform.